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David Stanier

" intrinsically silly human being"                                  The Skinny

David Stanier is a silly and nice stand-up comedian and comedy writer. Fun and daft, enthusiastic and unconventional, David always tries his best! 


Here's what everybody has been saying about him all around town...


"Stanier has a knowingness behind the daftness...lovely, feelgood stuff" Chortle


“An ernestly giddy comic with an impressive arsenal of jokes. Stanier’s material is beautifully, banally silly” Gigglebeats

"Stanier cuts an immediate contrast to most of his fellows… an intrinsically silly human being" The Skinny

"Stanier is a master of the misleading punchline, and by far the most fun performer currently on the North West scene" Manchester Wire

BBC Radio New Comedy Award Cardiff Heat Winner and Semi-Finalist

Hilarity Bites New Act of the Year 2012 


In August '16 he took his first show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 'David Stanier's Silly Party' - a party based fun hour of games, unexpected party guests and really exciting fun! 

Here's a review:

And a more strict but arguably fairer review:




Yeah sure! David is on the social media.


Twitter:  @DavidStanier

Instagram:  @davidstanier0


He likes to make a silly video from time to time, so have loads of fun having a look at some of those at or in the videos section of this site that you're on RIGHT NOW. 


Here's an interview with him if you like questions that are then answered.

The Skinny:



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